Holiday Orders 2010 Update

Please have all holiday holiday dress and shirt orders in no later than Thanksgiving! Thank you to my customers for your overwhelming amount of orders!

I have many other Christmas designs for shirts not pictured and most fabrics & styles are interchangeable. Matching brother shirts & sister dresses are available. Just ask!

You can also find me on facebook under my name, Katie Bickelhaup Tucker. Just send me a friend request!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brown Corduroy w/ Blue Dots Dress


  1. Very cute! I am a friend of Lindsey Vukovich (she gave me your info) and I am looking for some matching girls/boys outfits. My daughter would be a 4T and my son 24 month. We are having pictures taken outside next month so I wanted some cute outfits. Do you have any fall matching outfits?

  2. Hi! Yes, I can do match boy/girl outfits. I just did some that I will post today. What do you have it mind?